Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Demanding More In Child Support?

Photo by Marcus Ingram Getty Images Entertainment

Uh oh! One of Rick Ross’ baby mamas is demanding a fatter child support check. He better give her some of that Wing Stop money! Tia Kemp, (not the leaked sex tape baby mama), wants to have Ross’ child support checks modified. She’s only been receiving $1,951 per month and says she needs and deserves more because Ross has:

– 9 successful Wingstop franchises
– $5.9 million mansion in Atlanta
– $5.1 million mansion in South FL
– Luc Belaire Rose sparkling wine and mCig electronic cigarette endorsement deals
– a recent hot-selling album (“Mastermind”)

Surprisingly, she is fine with getting the child support raised to $2,800. Now Ross’ knows he could do more than $2K.

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