Chevy Woods Ft. DeJ Loaf – “All Said And Done”

With Taylor Gang rapper Chevy Woods’ “All Said And Done” video, a powerful visual follows the storyline of the song – Chevy is reflecting on a relationship between he and a friend, dissecting the ways in which their lives went in different directions. Joined by DeJ Loaf, scenes at a graveyard and inside a prison depict the presumption of death and jail being a common outcome for people raised in areas such as Hazelwood, the impoverished community of Pittsburgh where Chevy was raised.

Although his family is still rooted in the area (his mom still stays there), music and touring pulled Chevy Woods out of the streets and away from the negative influences that were surrounding him. As seen in the “All Said And Done” video, which debuted via i-D, not all of Chevy’s friends were as fortunate and ready/willing to pursue alternative opportunities, as the friend in the video expresses remorse while contemplating the stress, regret, and struggle of his situation. “All Said And Done” is the lead single from Chevy’s The 48 Hunnid Project, which releases August 7th.

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