Ed Sheeran Is The Most Important Act In Black And Urban Music?

Photo by Dave J Hogan Getty Images Entertainment

Now this is pretty controversial. It seems like the BBC has produced what has been considered the “saddest list in music history”. It’s black and urban raido station produced a power list where three of the top four acts were white. Ed Sheeran topped the 1XtraPowerList as the most important UK artist in black and urban music. Of course Sam Smith was on the list too. Some of the UK’s black artists felt like they were getting bumped for less qualified talent, or talent that had borrowed from them rather. Artist Wiley stated,

“Not taking anything away from Ed. He is sick. But black artists in England, we are getting bumped… We influence a man and all of a sudden it turns he has influenced us.”

In your opinion is Ed Sheeran that influential in the black music scene?