Meek Mill Feels Rappers Have To Do More Than Wear A Meek Mill T-Shirt To Support Him?

Photo via Meek Mill’s Instagram

People have been choosing sides in the Meek Mill vs. Drake “beef”. Some wanted to point out that Drake has been supportive of Meek Mill in the past. Brandon Jennings took to his Instagram to post a meme of Drake wearing a Meek Mill t-shirt with a caption that said,

“No matter how much love you show ppl; the one time you don’t, they’ll show their true feelings. #Salute”

He also was sure to say,

“This ain’t a diss. You just can’t show love to everybody.”

Meek Mill must’ve been tagged in the post because he was quick to respond saying,

“Cuz u wear a meek mill shirt that mean you can do what u want…. Yall n*ggas suck d*ck too much! Clown a** n*ggas!”

Go tweet Meek Mill’s album so he can stop acting up. LOL!

Screen shot 2015-07-27 at 2.52.48 PM

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