HEATER OF THE DAY: She Money – “Colombiana” (MIXTAPE)

This much anticipated mixtape “Colombiana” is taking the streets by storm. She Money is the top young female artists in the world, her music is raw and real. Born and raised in the streets of Baton Rouge, She Money holds her own with male and female artists and has been crowned miss Louisiana of the hood.

The Queen of the streets plays no games when it comes to making real street music, her style is aggressive and real life she seen it all on the streets, and she used those same tactics to take over the industry. There is no gimmicks to this boss lady, she writes her own music and her style is authentic, and she is ready to change hip hop. “In order to shine you need to grind”, says She Money.

She is patiently killing the game softly and has paid her dues in this male dominated genre of rappers, with very few female rappers. She is fearless and unstoppable and backed by the King of the South Master P. “Colombiana” is all about family, loyalty and respect. This 19 year old is a grown woman in the game as she is ridding with The Worlds Most Dangerous Record Label NO LIMIT FOREVER RECORDS.


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