“White Radio” Won’t Play Tyrese’s Music Or Any Black Soul Music?

Photo via Tyrese’s Instagram

Despite having a No. 1 album, it seems like Tyrese is still going through it with “white radio.” Tyrese feels that white radio will ONLY play R&B/Soul if it’s performed by white guys. Tyrese seems to be extremely upset that he can’t get white DJ’s to play his single “Shame” to save his life. Only the black stations are playing it. Tyrese claims white radio would play “Shame” if it was sung by Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith, or Robin Thicke! It seems like urban stations play white artists with no problem, but it’s not a 2-way street. This isn’t the first time a R&B artist expressed this same frustration. Tank had a similar rant. Does Tyrese have a point?

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