Meek Mill Gets Charlamagne’s Donkey Of The Day (AUDIO)

After dropping a less than impressive diss record towards Drake, Meek Mill has been crowned the Donkey of the Day by Power 105.1’s Charlamagne tha God. In his rant about the Philly emcee, Charlamagne bashed him for coming back with such an un-thoughtful response to a diss track that was so well calculated. After calling the “Wanna Know” track garbage, he said Meek has surprisingly lost the battle.

Listen below.

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48 Responses to “Meek Mill Gets Charlamagne’s Donkey Of The Day (AUDIO)”

  1. Celz

    Lame.. I don’t know about no donkey of the day but back to back was better.. Charlemagne shouldn’t talk his corny eulogy for Funk Flex was worse.. Every nigga involved is taking L’s.. My advice would be stay up out this toxic beef..

  2. chosenxeno

    Meh some good points but lets not act like the pee thing didn’t have the net crazy for a sed lol. At the end of the day all the evidence points to what I have said from the beggining. Meek could not win this. Drake is too well liked.He was not going to be able to flip anyone. The bias heavily favored Drake from the beginning when people were crowning Drake for one of the worst disses ever lol. On the topic of bias, if the pee thing had been Meek the internet would have been broken by the volume of MEMEs. The quality of Meek diss was never going to be a factor. It was over the second he tweeted. His only fault is thinking people cared about the crafting process. I still agree with his stance on the crown.

    • Sinister Memphisto

      if meek wote a diss record on par with ether or any of the other great diss tracks even the greteast drake friend would be quitter than a mouse.his track was barely understandable and was full of generic raps my 8 yr old nephew could freestyle,lol.still drake released 2 tracks so lets give meek a chance to release his 2nd then judge fairly.

      • chosenxeno

        You people still think this is 10 years ago. Have you ever heard Burger Joints, Networks, Sports Personalities, Politicians and so forth comments on Ether? NO it’s a different world. Drake is a better known product. Everyone wants to pretend to be cool and hip so they were going with the best Brand regardless. Meek was never in a bar for bar battle. Hew was in a battle vs the hivemind mentality of a fickle fanbase. Ether took a month to come out and people were yelling at meek for not having his diss when he’s on tour. Different world. I don’t know why peopolew still think the quality of the diss ever mattered. It didn’t. People like Drake more than Meek and nothing was going to change that. If getting hospitalized by Puff couldn’t knock off the fraudulent king nothing can. Drake got pissed on and people are still riding with him. What does that tell you?

      • Sinister Memphisto

        and wth cares who pissed on who.aint got nothing to do with lyrics.another example of how unimportant all that side story stuff aint important.everyone knows 50cent sooo rich right?wtf this dude do.gonna go file bankrupt claiming he aint own the cars and jewelry.whether he did or not its all side story bullcrap and aint got nothing to do with the lyrics.i like “in da club” cuz dat song was hot.50 probably wasn’t even in the club,lmao

      • chosenxeno

        Cousin, listen…nah listen, he got peed on lol

  3. that dude

    Ok, we all know Drake sent him 6 bottles of Dom cuz Flex outed him, but I agree with some of this shit hw said. I, maybe we all were saying the same thing before this little black burn smurph.

  4. Str8_BLACK_History

    I agree up until the ghostwriting part…

    Example: there’s only so much of fake wrestling a person can watch until the fakeness overwhelms you. You’ve suspected that there was a script all along but you want to suspend disbelief as a child would do… not grown hip hop heads I hope

    It’s like claiming Drake is the best iron fighter right now ONLY BECAUSE the script has him winning, even worst for Drake is the fact that we’ve seen how fake he really is in the most obvious ways (paying off rappers he stole from)…. but once again, we suspend our disbelief

    • beastwork

      but yet meek still lost the confrontation. meek attacked an allegedly fake rapper, and he it was time for him to “rap” he mad some trash.

  5. Gee Oh Dee

    meek is a ‘meek rapper’ gettin’ PIMPED RAW by the
    fakest FRAUD in Hip Hop history! F*CK MAYCOCK music!

  6. Markus

    He earned this one. You can’t be a dude who writes his own rhymes,sticks his chest out that he does, calls out dudes that don’t and then completely suck at it when the time comes to perform. Hee to the haw, Meek.

    • beastwork

      he was stupid to try to air out drake in the first place. drake has bars. even if he gets a little help now after 5 or 6 albums that wasn’t always the case.

      meek under calculated drakes response and he’s gonna pay for that

      • Kevin gate

        lol … man drake is from the middle class, so meek wont pay shit.. think about drake getting beat up by dc niggga next time they meet loll

  7. KashIsKlay

    That’s corny. Regardless Drake is fraud. Drake’s first diss was pretty subpar. He followed it up with something dope. Meeks was just okay, I’m sure he will follow up with something better. Plus dude was on tour, people talking about they waiting all that time for this. Tour obligations come first

    • Kevin gate

      meek was shit he was saying facts that ppl knew already, most ppl expected something on the lvl of lord knows or i got that juice. he should have save those tracks to diss drake

      • KashIsKlay

        Nah there were a few gems in there. Listen again. Some weren’t easy to catch because the delivery he used

  8. Q.

    Clearly, Charlemagne the Gossip has a bottle of Dom P and Aubrey’s Jewish circumcised schlong in his mouth…so, yeah. Donkeys of Day issued to all parties involved. It’s like watching a stupid cartoon. All of these n!ggas are WACK!

  9. Kevin gate

    under calculated drake? man drake aint no fuccking rapper or nothing that should be affiliated to hiphop, the man aint from the bottom… drake is from the middle class of toronto, yall ready to jump on conclusion the thing is that meek shouldn’t have diss drake and not cause of drake bars, but because beefing drake would not bring no glory to meek mill album cause first of all his album is a classic meaning not commercial, meaning shit wont sell a lot and as ppl can see the only track that is selling is that nicki and breezy joint.. charlemagne is on the side of who can give him something.. wasn’t charlemagne hating on ed sheeran then after he gets the 100 box from him, he called him the best white man? meek is a guy from the bottom, this is why he lost his fight, he should not have come at drake the same way nas did to jay, the same ross did, by clowning drake, not by saying facts that a million ppl knows about drake… how many ppl been calling ross C.O where is ross and where are they? the whole g-unit is gone, jeezy were nowhere to be found cmon

  10. Ryan Cole

    The Blue Jays played the Flyers in the World Series? Word? Was that the same year the Bulls played the Phoenix Cardinals in the Super Bowl?

    Wait, Meek doesn’t get a do-over after a wack ass dis like Drake did?

  11. STFUUIgnants

    Meek wasnt helped by his sister putting out her own diss to defend him. WTH was she thinking, that makes it 10X worse, especially since her diss was actually better.

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