Catch Me If You Can: Fetty Wap Dines & Dashes From Olive Garden

Photo Credit: YouTube

(AllHipHop News) A local Olive Garden restaurant in Wayne, NJ alleges that on Thursday evening (June 30), Fetty Wap skipped out without settling his entire bill. It has been reported that the “My Way,” musician contends that after waiting over two hours, his ordered entrées never arrived. Be that as it may, he purportedly left $100 to cover the drinks and apps that he did receive, this according to TMZ.

Olive Garden employees insist that the Rap star was only waiting a mere 30 minutes, and that the measly amount did not cover the $160 tab. Thus far, the Patterson, NJ native has not released an official statement regarding these allegations. It has been confirmed that the server did not have to pay the $60 discrepancy.

Bad service, no bread — did Fetty Wap exercise his best discretion in handling the situation the way he did?




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