Philly’s Louie V Gutta Claims He Wrote Songs For Meek Mill, Sides With Drake

(AllHipHop News) There is no love lost between Meek Mill and Louie V Gutta. The former associates had a public falling out last year, and it seems the two Philadelphia natives never patched things up. In fact, Gutta recently conducted a Twitter Q&A where he sided with Meek’s current rival Drake.

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The online discussion also included Gutta claiming he wrote “a lot” of songs for Meek in the past. The issues between Drake and Meek began after the MMG rapper claimed Drizzy did not write his verse on “R.I.C.O.” off the Dreams Worth More Than Money LP.

While Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex released a reference track of OVO affiliate Quentin Miller rapping Drake’s verse on “R.I.C.O.”  – as well as other songs such as “Know Yourself” and “10 Bands” – Gutta only cites his name in the credits for Meek’s debut album Dreams and Nightmares as evidence he penned for his then musical partner.

It should be noted, the Dreams and Nightmares credits listed online only mention Gutta (born Vincent Robinson) as a writer on the track “Rich & Famous.” Gutta was featured on that song as a guest performer.

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Check out Louie V. Gutta’s tweets in the gallery below.

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122 Responses to “Philly’s Louie V Gutta Claims He Wrote Songs For Meek Mill, Sides With Drake”

  1. TheAfroRican

    The Drake stans are loving this sh!t.

    “Writing” for Meek Mill is nothing to brag about. You are pretty much just as garbage as he is….

  2. Brooklyn Stoop

    “It should be noted, the Dreams and Nightmares credits listed online only mention Gutta (born Vincent Robinson) as a writer on the track “Rich & Famous.” Gutta was featured on that song as a guest performer.”

    so this is a none issue………….smh. how much favors is being giving to these guys to be hoes. if you accept rappers not writing they rhymes then whats the damn point of rapping???
    this have to be the last nail in the coffin of this thing called hip hop…………..
    Damn i used to love H.E.R…………..time to move on

  3. Ace Boogi3

    Look what trying to expose niggas gets you in to.
    Grown men shouldn’t be going on Twitter rants, especially not no damn self-proclaimed “Street nigga”

  4. bozo83

    You focused on YOUR career right? So why you minding other people’s business? These snake ass niggas sometimes man…

  5. jacksjus

    If you can’t name a specific track that you contributed to then it should be taken with a grain of salt. You need more people.

  6. Markus

    It’s become easy these days to go at Meek. And now that he’s taken a hit the wolves looking for a come up at his expense are going to appear from everywhere.

  7. The Legendary Troll

    Just like nicki, the guilty speaks. Dont call someone out for not writing their raps if you ever had help with your pen and pad

  8. Brindle

    HEY MEEK, you got about 48hrs to come with something harder, no 30 second interuptions in the song, just let the music and the rhymes carry it, no skits or samples, or anything that doesn’t rhyme or ride the beat… Stay off twitter, block it all out, take a deep breath and spit… Oh yeah, get rid of the fake southern drawl, let your teeth and lips touch when you rhyme, nicca enunciate…

  9. MrNoName2K

    LMAO @ this bum a*s n*gga trying to make a name off another n*ggas drama… f*ck boy a*s n*ggas man I tell you

  10. Hakeem

    99.8 percent of these “rappers” are garbage anyway
    Seriously, you can name the nice ones on one hand..
    And if a “rapper” out now that is half nice, that mean they are half wack so which means they are WACK…..

  11. Hakeem

    Meek rode the Rick Ross MMG buzz all that he could now he gotta fall back on his talent. Which he dont really have much of. You saw when Drake and Jay Z had that misunderstanding. He knew he couldnt battle battle Jay lyrically he backed down. Meek should have known he couldnt battle Drake….

    • STFUUIgnants

      Drake also only threw subliminals at Common, with some “oh he just trying to sell records off me” ish. However w/Meek he got bold as hell, making part of the attraction of his tour clowning him. He knows how to pick his battles. If I was Common I would jump back in it, and force his hand. Somebody should tweet that.

      • Hakeem

        Yeah Drake knows who to go at and who not to….
        Common battle rap too…
        Its all about picking your battles…. Meek picked the wrong one and me might have paid the price…..

      • Dark Matters

        Meek didn’t pick a battle. He said something. And Drake created a battle out of it, after Meek had wished the kid well, on stage.In many ways, the battle created itself and in other ways the public created the battle.

        Meek never initiated the inferno with a diss song. A diss song was forced out of him.

      • Weedras

        C’mon man him running his mouth and throwing barbs and having flexx in the Mix was starting the battle you damn well know he didnt do that to spark no civil debate this is rap… He did that shit and wasn’t expecting nor preempted the response he got… In other words he jumped in at the deep end and couldn’t friggin swim…

      • rocnation30

        You sound stupid…. why the hell wouldn’t a dude respond with a diss track when you accuse him of not writing his songs??? You believe that ??? what he thought drake was gonna say thank you for telling the world on Twitter I don’t write my rhymes… Cmon dark matters???? Then he said stop comparing me to drake as if somebody compares him to him… We all know drake is better and sells more period… who compares meek to drake??? Not me… Wtf…

  12. Nyga07

    Meek I still dont get why you picked this battle, knowing your not nicer than drake or if so his ghost writer, which i doubt, people just dont want to think drake is that good. He just sing doesnt work anymore so now, the raps everyone claims are trash are now written by a ghostwriter.. knock it off and let him live

  13. Damany G

    Meek may have really started feeling himself after his album went #1 on billboard, it definitely was not thought out or strategized. Drake was on both of Meek’s albums & I am sure he is getting points….. Just not a good look for Meek.

    • rocnation30

      Same bullshit… But I don’t believe him either… Gotta show proof … Everybody gonna do the same crap… Only thing is dark matters and the rest of the tag along gang jump to conclusions and believe everything… Now that the tables turn … MEEK GETS A PASS???? wTF

  14. KashIsKlay

    Provide actual proof or stfu. Meek makes decent music for this day and age. This beef is nothing more than a popularity contest. Meeks album was cool too. People dickride drake cuz it’s the cool thing to do. Regardless meek tried to protect the integrity of hiphop by letting people know this cat not writing his shit. He’ll be good.

    • ghettogov

      To be fair people were saying Meek album was trash before this Drake beef. From what I heard myself (about 5 songs) it was decent.

      • KashIsKlay

        I don’t know what people said that but everything I heard was positive and that was before I heard the album. His intros alone make you want to hear the album.

      • MilJ

        Not sure who you talking to, but album is fire from front to back. Peoples opinions magically changed after the beef started.

      • chosenxeno

        Meek’s Album is HOT. I’ll even go as far as to say it’s easily top 5 for Mainstream(RELEVANT!) RAPPERS in 2015. Which is why the Beef just keeps getting weirder and weirder lol. He honestly didn’t Need it. Once, “Lord Knows” Video dropped it would have set his Album on fire again.

  15. ghettogov

    Meek should have just tried to black mail Drake into doing an EP with him and get that Royce 59 money. Drake took a huge l too. Not battle wise but in terms of artistic integrity

  16. Chaining Tatum OVO 👌

    You mean to tell me that Meek wasnt the one writing about his rollie, audemars and 30 racks in his pocket?

  17. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The nicca Drake had Philly’s own Will Smith on his OVO last night LMAO!

    Meek sit down.

      • chosenxeno

        He’s spent more of his life in Miami than Philly. He made a song called “Miami”. End of. We don’t give a shit what Will did. He hasn’t been considered “Philly” in 2 decades. Thanks for playing.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        And Will don’t give a fu(k what you did! You act like you speaking for Philly. You not. Turns power off your bum azz apartment and takes console out. Good day!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Hash this fu(k boy says I “sound” mad?!!! Can’t spell L’s without PhiLLy!!!! Lmao

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I up voted you. I love bringing out the bit(h in you !

  18. Dark Matters

    Struggle will help a man lose any sense of dignity/shame, whatsoever. He and Meek had been beefin since forever. Why didn’t he say this then during their twitter spat? It wouldn’t surprise me if all of those questioning tweets came from new accounts of acquaintances of this gutter character.

      • Dark Matters

        He’s been saying that he wrote for Meek, since the beginning? I don’t remember reading anything of the sort when they had their little twitter spat.

      • designzrus

        Yea its even been retweeted recently. I forgot what he said exactly but it was about his cd going gold and he was happy cz he was apart of it

      • Marvlouz

        Bro, you dont need reference tracks to have someshit ghost written for you… For all we know EVERYONE uses a ghost writer if you wanna put it like that. Gutta was in his camp so those allegations arent that far off

      • Dark Matters

        And you say you have a degree? Were you referring to burns?

      • rocnation30

        Umm ….. No an actual real degree … They usually require one when you work for a corp or business like rocnation …. Or Apple your choice… But I was just making a point to you not to brag … Because a piece of paper don’t define who we are

      • Dark Matters

        The desperation in your commentary reeks of low self-esteem. The entire time I’ve commented on this site, not a single time have I ever mentioned what my level of education is/isn’t.

        If my commentary makes you feel, I’m educated then that’s on you (clearly you respect what I have to say). Don’t hate me for your thoughts. Your problem is your mind – not me. Take control of it.

      • rocnation30

        Now your a psychology … Please stick to rap.. Don’t flatter yourself I strictly brought it up because you were correcting my grammar and writing as if you were my English teacher when I kept it to the topic …I don’t have low self esteem and I don’t think your that bright I just believe your someone who uses big words on here to confuse the audience they teach you in school the different forms of writing when you don’t know who your audience is …. you are like Jay said to Nas “just because you wear a kuffi it doesn’t mean that he’s bright”…. … Set me up with an appt doctor…lmfao

      • Dark Matters

        You: “Feeding people big words and bullshit because u got an associate degree from a community college. (I got a degree too)”

        You’re proving to be a waste of time. Feel free to continue stalking me if you wish. Your commentary is so contrived and confused that decoding it is proving to be a full time job, that you aren’t paying me for.

    • Gap Tooth Bruce

      Stop acting like you didnt like Meek music or at least a record or 2 before the drake shit…..yall groupie niggas worst than the hoes

      • chosenxeno

        I don’t care who you are. Just about, everyone loved Dreams and Nightmare “Intro”. Dudes need to stop.

        Edited for stans(lol I always win).


        i never heard it so i never loved it

      • chosenxeno

        Quit lying. You’re embarrassing yourself. That shit got so much play you would hear it by accident.


        i dont listen to the radio only pandora and meek mill isnt on my rotation …so once again i never heard it.

      • Dutch Masta Rillo

        ive only heard it once. . . and personally i dont care for it. ive actually only heard the album once other than the songs put on satellite radio


        i dont like either of these niggas …but i love watching niggas loose what they had because of their big ass mouthes

      • ♦ HEEL↔FACE ♦ ™

        Nice try I’ve never liked Meek Mill he can’t rap.. He’s off beat on every song uses the same flow on every song and sounds like he puts 3 scoops of peanut butter in his mouth before he records a verse.. Since you are attacking people for not liking Meek who’s the groupie??

  19. bubbylana

    That’s y Louie v gutta tried to show up to Meeks video shoot after the fact like it was good and got his face pistol whipped . When niggaz take L’s like that their opinion is invalid

  20. Freebe Jackson

    You got writers credit on a song that you sang the hook….no other credits…..he reaching…he think Drake gone come through and scoop him and OBH up

      • Freebe Jackson

        Yeah. Pretty much
        ….the obh boys is the hardest in the street and very excited to sign to possibly the softest Label ever…..I mean OVO is pretty much LaFace records

  21. Gap Tooth Bruce

    This the same nigga got his shit snatched in Atl and meek had to get it back for him… go kill yoself louie butter

  22. dfwricwil

    Dam. Lol. On the cool they say that Meek got that juice song from a dude called A Meazy. I watched the video on youtube and it does sound the same. Who knows..

    • chosenxeno

      Quit trying to get Promo for ya boy. Song sounds even less like “I got the Juice” than “I got the Sauce” does.

      • dfwricwil

        lol. I have no idea who that is. Someone hit me up with that on fb so I gave it a listen.

  23. Wetwork510

    Breaking news!!!! Meek mills career has just been admitted to a mental health facility and place on suicide watch 😂

  24. chosenxeno

    This nigga got pistol whipped. He wasn’t even worth a leg shot. Pistol whipping is what you do to addicts who come up short lol.

  25. Leonard Tarver

    I cant even see how any rapper would be like “oh you wrote a song for me? Cool… Im about to read it and memorize these lines. This is going to be a hit right here my nig” 😂😂💦💦😂💦

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