50 Cent Has $25 Million In Assets And $10 Million In His Bank Account

Many have questioned 50 Cent’s income since he filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy but according to reports, Fif isn’t hurting for cash.

Court records show that his assets amount to $25 million while he has $10 million in different bank accounts, Buzzfeed reports. The “Many Men” rapper also has $500,000 worth of cars and $9,286,000 in real estate.  After expenses, he reportedly brings in $76,969.58 a year.

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The “I Got Money” rapper in millions of dollars in debt and owes $32,509,549.91 to creditors.

The Southpaw star filed for bankruptcy in July after losing a lawsuit to Rick Ross’s ex-girlfriend for releasing a sex tape, and adding derogatory commentary, and being ordered to pay her $7 million. Fifty also took a loss in a lawsuit with a headphone company where a judge ordered him to pay $16 million.

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