Cool Amerika – “Make Sum Shake”

C.O.O.L A.M.E.R.I.K.A. stands for “Collective-Of-Outspoken-Lyricists-Armed-Maticulous-Entertaining-Kempt-Artists” Born Kelderick Giles aka Bally Baby in Montgomery, Alabama and Evan Griffin aka Stunt in Savannah, Georgia, the pair have been best friends ever since their families relocated to Decatur better known as the Eastside of Atlanta.

Signing Alliance Music Group (AMG), headed by veteran music executive “T-Money” and A-town rap legend Baby D aka Dizzle the duo put out their debut mixtape “No Taxes,” hosted by two of the south’s biggest DJ’s Big Tiny and Frank White. Check their newest single, a strip club anthem, “Make Sum Shake.”