Eazy-E’s Daughter Feels ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Didn’t Do Her Father’s Legacy Justice

With every biopic there is someone depicted or someone who is related that doesn’t completely agree with the film. Eazy-E’s daughter Erin Wright feels that the film left out a lot of pivotal moments in her father’s life. She rants that the movie doesn’t show that her father went to court and still made money off of Death Row. She states that the movie shows Eazy getting beat up by Suge Knight, and she claims that this didn’t actually happen. According to her, Eazy actually pulled a gun on Suge! She’s upset that a snippet of “Real Muthaf*ckin G’s” wasn’t played, and she’s not happy about the film leaving out Eazy-E finding Bone Thugs N Harmony. All in all she wants fans to know that in her opinion a lot of Eazy-E’s storyline is missing. She still encourages everyone to go see the film. Wright also says she’s releasing a documentary on her father’s legacy that won’t leave out any details!

Eazy-E daughter

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