OG Maco Discusses Social Media Rants

Photo Credit: YouTube

(AllHipHop News) Last Monday (Aug. 10), pertaining to his thoughts on being characterized as a rapper who uses social media to merely “rant,” OG Maco, exclusively spoke with AllHipHop. The “You Guessed It” artist asserted that, “They call them rants that I go on —sometimes, you know, I have to not be a gimmick; that sucks —I try to maintain as much as my integrity as I can. Every day I’m going to be upset [about something].”

He then challenged the public’s notion that Hip-Hop’s MC’s are merely one dimensional. “But to only break a human being down that he can only care about this—if you’re going to do “social change” Civil-Rights-Guy—then you can’t talk about who created the Dab [the Dabbin’ dance],” he said before he included, “It’s just so much limitations that people try to put on other human beings.”

Check out the entire interview here. Are Hip-Hop’s artists’ criticized for demonstrating different facets of their personality?

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