Twerk Something: Nicki Minaj Pops It For Meek Mill?

Photo Credit: Instagram

On Sunday (Aug. 16), the Queen Barb, Nicki Minaj, whose derriere was clad only in a royal blue G-string, posted a risque video of herself shaking her hindquarters to her Instagram account. Meek Mill, who is currently dating the superstar was seated right next to her. The two MCs looked to be comfortably situated on a bed. The “All Eyes On You” wordsmith boldly twerked for man before the clip was eventually uploaded the clip to the ‘Gram. A bashful Meek is seen taking a gander before he looked away.

The video, which has since been deleted from her IG, included an accompanying caption of, “I love how we spend our days off. Cheers to everyone living their lives and not being pressed.”

The Hip-Hop heavyweights continue on their journey of PDA grandeur. Check out the video and leave a comment.


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