ALTERNATIVE PICK – Kelly Jenene – “Katrina”

You can’t perform in New Orleans unless you are a real talent – there’s just too many acts on the vibrant scene known for it historic performances. So when Kelly Jenene, a 15 year-old singer/songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana started getting attention online with her timely song about the events of Hurricane Katrina, we had to take note. Inspired to sing by her late father, Kelly wrote her first single “Katrina” at the young of 9 years old.

She later recorded the single at 12, sharing it with adults in her family who found comfort and strength in the young girl’s honest ballad. Today she shares her gift with all of us, honoring the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with her first official release.

The song is simple but the message echoes music of perseverance during struggle and it sounds so New Orleans as far as production goes.  Right now its important to recognize that this event destroyed many lives, this is just one voice, but she speaks for many and you can hear that energy in this song – this is what the music is all about.