Kevin Gates Kicks Female Fan In The Chest, Fans React

Do not touch Kevin Gates when he is on stage.

A female fan learned this lesson when she reached up to touch the rapper at a show stop in Lakeland, FL.

The woman in the front row at the concert was immediately kicked back from Gates’s shoe.

The footage seems to suggest that the fan didn’t leave after the confrontation.

Gates has not commented yet, but he did make a cryptic statement a few hours afterwards.


His fans and detractors has a varied assortment of commentary to the act and expressed it.


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84 Responses to “Kevin Gates Kicks Female Fan In The Chest, Fans React”

  1. wes mc

    This dumb fucc has got a cross tattooed on his forehead why would anyone expect him to behave like anything other than a ignant hood Nicca

  2. Roberto Ciamora

    It was Lakeland though, he might have been worried she was gonna blow Meth smoke in his face or something. Could be seen as a aggressive defense if you look at it the right way. I live bout 40 miles away from “The Land of 1000 Meth Labs” and I won’t even drive through that shit hole without my windows up.


        I’m even closer to him, and he’s lying, yeah FL, that’s sh*t ain’t happening in Lakeland like that.

      • Roberto Ciamora

        Obviously I’m being a little sarcastic and joking around but I’ve spent enough time in and around Polk county to know there is a ton of Meth out there.


        Yeah, in rural areas, I was born here, stuff like make local news, every now and then, nothing pop in off like that within the city limits.

      • Roberto Ciamora

        Yeah, no offense bruh, I’m sure it has it’s nice parts. We just always grew up clowning on it because of the stories that would pop up and some of the country ass shit that you read about. I’m sure it’s not all like that. I live on the West side of Tampa and the stereotype for us is that it’s the “Puerto Rican Ghetto” even though it has a lot of nice parts.


        Man what happen to Tampa, Seem like they never rebound, Went down Hillsborough Ave and it look like a ghost town. Still nice city tho. Yeah Lakeland has it problem, but the sheriff department threaten takeover and they been good ever since, LOL.

      • Roberto Ciamora

        Yeah, Lakeland is redneck central so we always make Crystal Meth jokes about it. I’m just being sarcastic though, kind of. There is a ton of Meth heads out there though.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        and sum really disgusting old ladys too , I assume they sober, just being how they been all they ugly lives

  3. Immortal

    “Kill me,when you see me – it’s dat simple”…… now when she gets that SuperJew lawyer, he damn sure will. Have your a** selling those damn shoes in settlement. Dumb a**


    You know, I’m up on the culture and I’ve never heard a song from this dude. I just see him on these allhiphop articles. He looks and seems corny af. They shoulda grabbed his foot and yoked him off the stage. Maybe he would’ve cracked the back of his skull and we wouldn’t have to hear about him anymore.

  5. westcoastbestcoast

    Hahaha Didn’t have to do all dat but still don’t touchppl if u don’t wanna get touched simple as that what y’all learn as kids keep Ur hands to urself

  6. PeoplePlease7

    Any other genre this would have ended his “career”, but not in coon-hop where savagery is the norm. Hope she sues and someone accepts his challenge….

    • Roberto Ciamora

      Young rap fans will accept a ton of bullshit and turn a blind eye to it. Dr. Dre is getting slandered left and right for 25 year old assault charges while this dude is out here dropping chicks live on stage, getting a standing ovation for it. Funny how that works,

  7. Markus

    Is anyone really surprised at this Keyser Soze suspect’s reaction to female contact? He saw her as heterosexual repellant. Nothing more.

  8. gezuscryst

    It just shows you how ignorant our race has become! You sell your soul to see devil nigg*s like this, pay 30-40 dollars to hear his devil music and he kick you, potentially harming you in the process. #LossGeneration


    its ok y’all dont forget he getting money…after all thats what is most important in todays society.the braindead sheep will still flock to his shows…so never mind what just happened just know he got paper.

  10. Anthony Mason

    First of all, I am sure he was high. Second of all he honestly might have thought she was trying to pull his shorts down. They were already hangimg half off….

      • Anthony Mason

        On top of that, he already has bad nerves from jail time…. People who come back from hard time or even military tours usually have had some scary s*** happen.

        I think the woman was an idiot for trying to touch him on stage without permission. He is nice to his fans at his mixtape signings…

        An analogy: I was at the animal rescue shelter weeks ago looking for another dog to adopt and most of them were pitbulls. Some were barking because the want to be petted, some wanted food, but some don’t like strangers….With that said….. that woman should known better than to put her hand out like that and not expect to get bit….

    • Roberto Ciamora

      Your explanation would be valid and acceptable if it were the first time he’d done something like this, but since it’s not it can’t be explained away by saying he was high or was concerned for his safety. Striking women is a pattern of behavior for this dude. He did something similar at a Michigan show just a few months back. and then before that he posted a video of himself hitting some model on Instagram like he was proud of it.

      • Anthony Mason

        I was not denying his penchant for female abuse. Guy is on a lot of drugs and has depression…

      • Roberto Ciamora

        In my 20’s I probably snorted my body weight worth of Coke along with drinking enough Crown Royal to float a swimming pool and I still never felt the urge to punch anybody with a Vagina. Just saying

        Your talking about a dude who openly admits to sexing his cousin up bruh, there is no defending this guy. There are many Bi Polar drug addicts in the world who still never act that deviant.

      • Anthony Mason

        You do have that trait in you to begin with. That is very true…..

  11. youngplaya

    I don’t bump none of this dude’s music. But he definitely is a sucker for doing that girl like that. He won’t be around much longer. And talking tough will definitely get your head knocked off dummy.

    • Curtis Dove Jr

      Now this Clown has society going at each other!!!! If that was my daughter or girlfriend,grandma,children’s friends……. He would be marked! Some punk ass shit!!!! Stay your homo thug ass away from the crowd! Hope she SUe his ass to the white meat! Bitch ass!!!

  12. Papi Peligro

    YA’LL see the fat dude next to her hold his head down like am I supposed to do something about that. Act busy Act busy.

  13. TruthHurts

    That chick shoulda grabbed his leg again, pulled him off stage and start stomping this lil ho. He’s softer than air. Anybody who likes this dude is an idiot.

    Let’s see what he’s brought to hip hop so far:
    1. Bangs his cousin
    2. Caught wearing fake jewelry
    3. Assaulted females multiple times
    4. Has an affinity for eating female a$$

    The best thing that ever happened is when dude punched this cat for kissing his girl. Gates is 1 step from a serious beat down or worse. SMH

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I agree with your list but you not going to do anything, so please dont speak on what somebody else may do.

      • TruthHurts

        Your comment makes no sense… You’re telling me to not comment on what someone else may do…yet you’re commenting on what I may do. Way to go!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        You make no sense but hey go ahead and do what you like mic

  14. ghettogov

    The more i hear about this dude the worse it get ol shxt breath cousin fxckin azz dude…who really rock with this dude?

  15. AfricaChillin

    Never really understood the hype about this dude. This is a guy whose claim to fame was eating ass and successfully coming out of jail. His music is mediocre at best. His Instagram antics keep him relevant.

    And now, this is his next desperate attempt to stay relevant. How low can you really get?

    Fck outta here!

  16. Anthony Mason

    He will eventually get what he deserves most likely. He will likely eventually do something so stupid to the wrong person or get caught up in some retaliation hit and get his life taken…Anyone can get touched and that’s a fact.

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  18. drtybirds5

    The worst or best thing about this article is it said fans. With a s on the end. Lmao!! No this dude didn’t have fans. And it seems like he just lost the one he did have apparently. Wasn’t this the guy dating his cousin? Wow incest and domestic abuse. You’re going to make a great father and role model one day.

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