EXCLUSIVE! OG Maco On Police Brutality: “At Some Point You Got To Fight”

Videographer: Frsk Purple  Photo Credit: Niki G.

Sincerity wraps his statement as OG Maco explains,”With a system that’s corrupt and broken I feel like we got to fight it,” he exclusively tells AllHipHop. During the conversation the “U Guessed It” rapper acknowledges that “there are good cops,” but questions sordid American police brutality.  He challenges the steadfast notion of the inherently ineffective peaceful protest. Mentioning the slain souls of Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, and Tamir Rice — all of whom met untimely deaths after interactions with law enforcement — OG suggests a self-preserving notion.

“At some point you got to go fight. They’re going to kill us all anyway. We’re going to die anyway; or, they’re going to send us off to prison to die anyway. Shoot some sh*t, riot, f**k some sh*t up! But don’t do it in our neighborhoods; that’s all we got,” he says. The Atlanta-based rapper then ensures to convey that it’s not a “black and white issue,” rather an economic one.

Check out the full clip and discover what all OG Maco has to say.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvLfG2cK_pM&w=560&h=315]

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