Top Stories in Hip Hop at Made In America 15′ (Part 2)

iLoveMakonnen performs new song with Santigold

If you’ve seen our first few big stories at Made In America, you’re probably hip to us catching ILoveMakonnen randomly whipping around the festival grounds in a small Cadillac. The Super Chef ended up performing a song with Santigold during her mid-day set. Makonnen was actually at MIA with the Philly-singer to film a new music video, which kind of explains why he just happened to be there in a mini-SUV the first day. The music video also will feature appearances from Fabolous, Big Sean, Vic Mensa, and many others.



Action Bronson raps on top of a camera stand



There’s no surprise about Action Bronson doing something completely insane while he’s performing, but the real challenge was doing it at a Made In America. The Queens rapper climbed on top of a tall camera stand and rapped to the crowd while he did it. This was the festival’s main stage too, so Bronson’s crazy antics ended up being seen by a majority of festival. There weren’t any crazy Ghostface Killah fans at the concert, otherwise things might’ve been different.


Future might’ve had the best performance on Day 2.

There was a lot of anticipation going into Future’s set at Made In America. Dirty Sprite 2 has succeeded critically and commercially, and several people were excited to see the Atlanta rapper perform the album in its entirety. From “Thought It Was A Drought” to “Karate Chop”, Future gave his all during his set at Made In America. He was able to succeed by providing his popular catalogue with high levels of energy throughout.DSC_0791



Were there any big moments you came across at Made In America? Let us a comment. Check out more photos of Made In America below.

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