Young Thug Doesn’t Want Donald Trump As President; Talks Making New Project With Kanye

Recently, French magazine Clique was able to get a hold of Young Thug to do a brief interview with him. In the interview, Thugga was asked about the presidential debate, specifically Republican candidate Donald Trump’s popular run. In distaste, the “Lifestyle” rapper responded with “What the f*ck laws is he about to pass?” and then responded “They ain’t gonna ever let a punk win no mother*ckin election”.

Thugga also took some time to talk about what would happened if he was president. “My first thing to do would be [to] free everybody in jail”, says the Atlanta rapper, “10 or 15 years of a n*gga’s life is [enough]. He deserves a chance.”

Aside from his political views, Young Thug talked about working with Kanye West and an idea of doing a project with the Chicago rapper. He even talked about being in the studio and making tons of music with West. Check out the video below:

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