Drake Accused Of Stealing Parts Of ‘Diamonds Dancing’ From Another Artist?

Man, Drake does not need anymore rumors about him “using” another artist’s work. He already has to deal with the Quentin Miller ghostwriting charges putting an asterisk on his G.O.A.T. claims.

Now an artist named Abra is accusing Drizzy of lifting her hook for his Future collaboration “Diamonds Dancing.” Apparently, she’s signed to Awful Records which is based in Atlanta. That’s the same city where Drake and Future recorded What A Time To Be Alive.

See Abra uploaded a track called “U Kno” to Soundcloud three months ago. It already has over 130,000 plays. Of course, Drake and Future’s “Diamonds Dancing” was part of their What A Time To Be Alive that just dropped on Sunday.

Listen to the two tracks below and make up your mind for yourself. Is Drake clean on this one? Or is he becoming the “6 Fraud”?

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17 Responses to “Drake Accused Of Stealing Parts Of ‘Diamonds Dancing’ From Another Artist?”

  1. hoeyuno

    Sorry unknown artist, your song didn’t sound bad but I could not get through two seconds of Drake and Futures wack ass auto tuned filled gawbage to compare

  2. MassConglom

    Are you kidding me lady, because Drake sung “You KNNNOOWW” in the same MELODY as you? Listen to the MELODY of Abra’s hook and then listen to the MELODY of Aaliyah’s “One And A Million” hook… Guess Timbaland should call you out for biting too huh. #KidsTheseDays

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