The Game & Ray J’s Manager Tries To Expose Fetty Wap As Fake?

Sometimes it’s best not to share every thought that comes through your mind on social media. Case in point, Wack 100’s attempt to “expose” Fetty Wap. The manager for stars like The Game and Ray J posted a pic on Instagram claiming the “Trap Queen” hit maker was faking about his missing eye.

“Fetty Wap is a fake… I knew I wasn’t tripping but one day it’s his left eye missing. The next day it’s his right eye missing,” wrote Wack.

See the problem with Wack’s theory is that it’s most likely one picture was flipped while the other one wasn’t. What do you think? See Wack 100’s post below and tell us your opinion.

Wack 100-FettyWap


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