MC WAR Intro which shows clips of the Road to the Keith Murray Vs Fredro Starr Battle
Seleah Simone will be hosting the Step & Repeat greeting all special guests and interviewing performing talent

Performances by:
Conan 1st Performer
Lega 2nd Performer

Hosted By Battle Rap Legends Murda Mook & Loaded Lux
Undercard Battle brought to you by AHAT who is now launching their NY division called AHATNY
OD the CEO for AHAT will bring up the AHAT NY Battle: Jay Balla Vs SinSity
The Main Event..

Their past videos will stream which will be 5 of their hits a piece and finally:



  1. Felix Pena

    I was actually looking forward to this glad j didn’t smoke my good greens if j wasn’t going to be able to watch

  2. Dark Matters

    “You right? You right?”

    What the hell is Keith Murray spittin’?

    Edit: Fredro’s got round 1. Keith was booty (no shots).

    Edit2: Keith is scared to lose. He’s acting out because he’s scared to lose. Fredro is giving him a lyrical smacking.

    Edit3: Fredro murked him and actually impressed me. Had off the top rebuttals and legit punches.

    3 – 0 Fredro gets the W

  3. LUNGS

    I’m in shock over here watching Keith Murray Basically die on stage. The Beat & The Drugs Killed him more than Fredro did

  4. Felix Pena

    Dam man that shit was sad sad sad ! It’s going to be hard to defend my era after this shit some people just not suppose to battle. I love onyx and Murray for the back in the day shit but this was a waste of my time. There’s nothing wrong with sitting down and being a fan some people need to do just that. #beafan

    • Dark Matters

      Fredro was very good. Dude was rebuttaling off the top off his head. Keith was a disappointment, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

      • DeeJay Babe

        Nah Fredro was wack too, he just wasn’t as wack as Keith
        This was a very amateur battle any local kid I know could’ve won this

  5. Juleo478

    Damn did not know kieth murry was coked out like that… He was up their tweaking.

    Fredrick won by default…Wasn’t expecting much so my expectations was low and plus it was free so I’m not complaining, but for those that went and payed for the event must be in their feelings.

  6. Boss

    Shit was trash Keith came up there dusted out his mind I lost 100$ thinking the old Keith was coming to spit but wtf you let us down fredro came better prepared and focus should’ve paid this Sherm head after the battle dam Murray def squad take this L rip Keith Murry 💀💀

    • Dark Matters

      Keith never had bars like that. It was just a bunch of words ordinary street folk aren’t expected to use, but his bars were never anything special.

  7. MR.INC


  8. Felix Pena

    Why is hard for 90s rappers to use current references just cause you made hits in the 90s doesn’t mean you died it’s ok to spit some current shit but wasn’t expecting to much anyways

  9. Boss

    I’m not done this Sherm head came up there and embarrassed LI like that big disappointment The whole shit was unorganized fredro was trash to but he clearly won happy I ddnt travel to BK to see that shit this late my young bitch giving me head said wtf is these dudes rapping a said these old heads are has-beens but fredro won trash ass battle

    • BlackBatman

      how old exactly was the girl giving you head? and yeah he made strong island look bad.
      fortunately for me i now rep Queens

    • Alex Breen

      This is perhaps the greatest comment ever left. How is it a relevant detail that you received oral sex. It’s also strange that while receiving oral sex from a young woman you were discussing a rap battle between Keith and Fredro. Can you shed some light on exactly what went down?

      • Boss

        Lol ok I was getting some head clicked on AHH my young thing is 21 she ain’t know who was who so I told her they use to be legit rappers at one time and she sucking me off while they battled she kept stopping asking me to turn this bs off but I told her relax and I bent that ass over right after Mook spoke to the crowd #facts she was suckin dick and listening with her ears while I sit back and enjoyed both

  10. BlackBatman

    guys yes the battle was hilarious. but please dont discredit keith as an emcee.
    im absolutely positive that if he wasnt coked out of his mind / drunk and
    focused that he would have
    put on a better performance. obviously hes the better mcee of the two but sometimes you make bad choices.
    laugh at him make jokes but please dont switch over to young thug j cole or drake is better cause of this.

    i just dont want people to use this as an excuse to discredit old school hip hop and their legacy.

    • Dark Matters

      LOL Keith has known this battle was going to happen for a good while now, considering it was postponed from its original date. Assuming he was high, he specifically chose to do so on the day/night of the event. That says something. Either he didn’t care or he didn’t want to be there and was self-medicating or even both.

      As far as representing old school hip hop I can think of far better MCs to rep that era. Yes, Murray had his own creative style of delivery and should be given credit for that, but Eric Sermon is more responsible for what good existed in Keith’s career than Keith himself.

  11. William Witherz

    Did they know the beats beforehand? That drop on the 1st beat woulda threw me off. Fredro wasn’t bad… I like seeing nikkas battle over beats. Keith pulled an opposite-of-Freeway and told em to turn the beat OFF. AND he pulled a canibus and repeated his weak verses 2 and 3 times. He shoulda just came wit a notebook. “Firestarr” (anybody buy that album?) hit him wit a few decent punchlines tho

  12. ICBTeam

    This was just an opportunity for old rappers to get some 2015 attention. Typical behavior of washed up capitalism.

    I am my favorite rapper. These rappers today are evil and envious trying to do me harm. Enter jango com/music/icbteam in your url (don’t forget the dot). But they couldn’t harm me if they had all the slander and schemes in the world. Trust me, you’re sparing them, not me.

    • hoeyuno

      Your a idiot. You trying to get discovered but don’t have respect for the peoples who laid the ground before you!? No other genre of music is disrespectful to the legends and pioneers..Ya’ll try to brush them off as old and washed up because their talent and impact is something you will never come close to.

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