Biz Markie Remixes ‘Just A Friend’ For Lucky Charms Sweepstakes (VIDEO)

Biz Markie teamed up with Lucky Charms and gave his 1988 hit “Just A Friend” the remix treatment for the cereal’s new sweepstakes. The #Lucky10Sweepstakes gives Lucky Charms-lovers a chance to win a box full of only marshmallows. Only 10 contestants will take home the marshmallow only box.  To enter, you must snap a pic holding an imaginary “Marshmallow Only” box and post it on Instagram or Facebook with the #Lucky10Sweepstakes hashtag.

This isn’t the first time Biz participated in something kid-friendly. He also appeared on Yo Gabba Gabba! to show kids how to make music with their mouth.

See the #Lucky10Sweepstakes commercial below.

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27 Responses to “Biz Markie Remixes ‘Just A Friend’ For Lucky Charms Sweepstakes (VIDEO)”

  1. Dark Matters

    If his teeth are any indication, I’d better stay away from Lucky Charms. Nice that he’s still getting a check off of decades old work, though.

    • TheAfroRican

      Dude has been getting money lately through DJ gigs and publishing. Some young white kid (Austin Mahone, I think) has a hit song by sampling “Just A Friend”.


    ONLY ‘marshmallows’?! They were THE WORST part of that garbage cereal…. picked those out! Wanna box of ‘marshmallows’? …. JUST buy a box of damn MARSHMALLOWS! F*CK this…..

  3. ICBTeam

    When you’re old you do corny stuff like this

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  4. Rogi_IGOR

    stfu with your lying azz.. lol.. hell you talking about? you know that aint you in that pic.. you prolly some dude name owusu in ghana typing up bunch of crap from a internet cafe on a dial up modem.. who the fuk makes that kind of money from a computer? youre an idiot.

  5. TheAfroRican

    As good as the marshmallows are, I dont think a whole box of only marshmallows would sound very good to me.

    Get your money, Biz!

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