Swizz Beatz Joins Brooklyn Museum’s Board Of Trustees

When Swizz Beatz isn’t orchestrating instrumentals, he’s collecting art. The Bronx native has a plethora of works that he has added to his collection and often showcases them via Instagram.  Now, Swizzy can have a bigger impact on the art world outside of social media. The beatmaker has been added to the board of trustees at Brooklyn Museum, the Wall Street Journal reports.

As a member of the board, Swizz, born Kaseem Dean, will be helping the museum appeal to a bigger demographic and taking “art to the next level.”

Swizz enjoys collecting the works of Brooklyn-based artists like Maya Huyuk, KAWS, art duo FAILE and Swoon. The Harvard scholar helps pub the works of many artists and he said that in return they would put in a good word for him at the Brooklyn Museum.

These guys are my friends and they were going back [to the museum] saying how I was helping them quietly,” the 37-year-old said.

He recently played a DJ set at the museum for an exhibition for  FAILE.

Philanthropist Barbara Vogelstein was also added to the board.

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