Killer Mike Joins A Game Of Russian Roulette In New Visual By Blakheart Broadway

While the duo Blakheart Broadway isn’t the most popular group in the world, longtime collaborator Killer Mike makes this song a great intro to the Boston duo.

As one half of production duo The Beat Bullies, Nikki Broadway has created hits for everyone from Outkast, Nelly, Lil Wayne and Chamillionaire to Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas, Mary J. Blige and Carlos Santana. The other half of his group includes Mickey Blakheart, a staple on Boston’s underground Hip Hop scene for many years, running a successful imprint, Big Bang Records.

On their first offering, “Losing Control”, long-time friend and collaborator, Killer Mike joins a game of Russian Roulette in visuals that will be difficult to forget.

In this case we get a dope Killer Mike verse over the same guys that make “”Kryptonite (I’m On It).” Def worth the spin!


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