D12 Says Eminem’s Song “Sorry Mama” (Cleanin Out My Closet) Was Originally Their Song

In a recent interview remembering their classic project Devil’s Night, Detroit’s finest, D12 broke down the recording process behind the album and revealed some interesting facts about the making of their project on the cust of a new release.

Check the quotes below that break down how Dre influenced the path of the song “Sorry Mama” (Cleanin Out My Closet) and how it eventually became one of Eminem’s most popular songs.

“I remember one particular record, and it ended up being an Eminem record. It was “Sorry Mama,” one of his biggest hits. But we had that song first, and actually Bizarre was on that song first. He was talking some crazzzy shit, and the whole group was like, yo he can’t say this shit, it’s too much. He got a call from Dr. Dre who was like, ‘man, say that shi*! You gotta say it, blah blah blah,’ but ultimately he gave in to the group and was like fuck it. So Eminem was like, ‘fuck it, I’ll take the song,’ and he took it and made ‘Sorry Mama’ with it. That particular incident is just a reminder of how creative everyone was and so much ahead of our time we were.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsr2j5dFRAM&w=560&h=315]

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