Glasses Malone Talks About His Green Tape, West Coast Music, And Young Thug

Sigh. Rappers in 2015 can be an extremely repetitive pack of people. You can watch a million interviews by a million different artist and still end up hearing the same answers. Between being too afraid to offend folks to honestly not knowing what to say, artists tend to fall flat when it comes to talking off the mic. Thankfully, for all sides involved, west-coast mainstay Glasses Malone doesn’t have that problem. With his new album GH2 in stores, the beach cruiser came through AHH to talk about everything from Ty Dolla Sign to Gang-banging and to Young Thug. Check the technique.



“Im afraid to have a kid. He could like Young Thug”

“I could name them all because at the end out the day I watched them come up”

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