Damn! Rick Ross Takes His Engagement Ring Back…And Laughs!

Rick Ross is a cold brother! On his SnapChat, he reportedly (rumored) showed off the engagement ring he gave Lira Galore…on his pinky. I’m shocked she gave it back, because that was a gigantic ROCK. Anyway, I didn’t see the actual video, but this is what people are saying at the moment.

“The Streets” are also saying that these two are going to get back together in due time. Who knows! By the way, the ring is legally still Rozay’s if he proposed in the state of Georgia. She can’t own it unless he gave it to her on a holiday or until after they get married.

Hey…I’ll take her. Word to Ill Al Skratch!

On the flip side, Lira seems to be sad over the loss of her “fat boy.” Peep the ‘gram:
lira galore instagram

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28 Responses to “Damn! Rick Ross Takes His Engagement Ring Back…And Laughs!”

  1. BigHomie337

    He should’ve never cuffed her. He knew she was a hoe when he met her. This is the simp era of hip hop. These hoes would’ve never had a platform during the 90’s and early 00’s. They got fucked and ducked and now these new niggas calling them bae and wifey. Smh

  2. Markus

    Bound to fail from jump. But I’m sure she’ll bounce back once she finds another fool that believes the hype that loose women need love too. Meanwhile in other news,Georgia is about to become Proposal State,USA.

  3. Anthony Mason

    Ross is a b****/ Nigga has the public confused like why Diddy feels the needs to call himself “Money Making Mitch”/ making FIAT American currency in an adjusted 8 year recession does not make you rich…./ A dollar collapse will make these shallow “rich” niggas itch…maybe even jump off a bridge….

    Ross is dropping this b**** because she would not be the most viable choice for him to have more kids / He was puffing on mids while she was eying up cribs / His lame a*** was just eying her tits and she is just dying and crying to live…/ When I say that I’m implying she just wants to be rich…

    The lavish life…/ b**** is the thirstiest hoe since the Romans wholeheartedly abolished Christ/ So go ahead you sacrilegious satanic b**** industry niggas / go ahead with your bulls***/ ….throw the dice and gamble with your eternal life….

    I’m not even a rapper and your bars aren’t even half as nice…./ I won’t be seeing you lame frauds in the afterlife….

      • Anthony Mason

        Why censor your own curse words??? ARE YOU KIDDING?

        And the spacing….that is how you write rap bars dummy. You ever look up lyrics? It is formatted so that people can actually read it and get a general rhythm to it….

        First of all, I don’t really like cursing in the first place…but a lot of you cats are not the most peaceful bunch and ask me so many stupid questions daily I sort of gave up on being diplomatic to people who just want to troll and be jackasses…

        Write a hot 8 or 16 and I might care enough to respond to you further…..

  4. jgraves58

    She should have just stayed with the guy who plays for the Houston Rockets. Now she has completely destroyed her reputation.

    • Chyze

      I’m sure she’ll be fine. These weirdos in the industry “date” the same women over and over because they’re “used to the lifestyle” right? She’ll have another sponsor soon. Sad but true that these rappers have all this money and blow it on these thots instead of building schools, funding new textbooks, creating inner city opportunities, teaching stipends to get better educators in the hood….do y’all tho. The thots need you so we can keep clowning you when you go broke as Dame Dash and start blaming “culture vultures” for your fall from grace. FOH

      • YoungZari

        Most do all that yet still sponsor them though. Sad but true, no one is obligated of doing any of such..

  5. Papi Peligro

    Man im bought to hit her up on the DM you seen her?She aint hollared at none of my ninjas yet. Im bout to be in her inbox like. WOOOOOO.

  6. hoeyuno

    Yo good look on the Ill Al joint….Check out the video for Jaysaun “On your Job”…I guarantee you all will find it funny..

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