DMX’s Baby Mama Responds To Chief Keef’s Sex Claim

The Golden Era is gone. If it was still here, DMX would certainly strike sufficient fear in Chief Keef’s heart for him to not talk about his baby moms! Anyway, you know the deal. In a new song, Chief raps, “I f**ked DMX baby mama / Yadira, Shakira, or whatever that b***h name is / She threw it back for me / I hit her, I sent that b*tch a plane ticket.” OK. Aside from random…what’s the point?

Nevertheless, Yadira Borrego is denying anything Keef has said to be true. Peep:

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.32.54 AM

She continued on Twitter.
Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.33.10 AM

I don’t know what drug Keef is on, but he seems to have some mutant form of respect for X.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.53.51 AM


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40 Responses to “DMX’s Baby Mama Responds To Chief Keef’s Sex Claim”

      • Nyga07

        trap house, or abandoned apt used for the same… ever walk in ya boy house and see a lawn chair , 13 inch tv and beds all over the floor… then you have witnessed a bando.. thank you ATL , GA for the diverse education of ebonics… So this why ya’ll don’t like Future, no understand the lingo bcuz if you did you would know the boy go off!!! I’m not letting the future thing go lol .. I doer turned like 50 ppl from NY on to him, I won’t stop!!!

      • RomeRebel

        Oh yeahhh makes sense I’ve heard a rapper spit “trapping out the bando” before, I like Futures music in another thread I’ve vouched for his crooning ways

      • that dude

        Hahahaha………Yeah, an abandoned house where Fetty Wap lives.

  1. Drew west

    Man , he fucked her … I can jus tell by her response an her whole oral !! ” blowing on some good good ” yea , dick !!

  2. Markus

    True or not,she must carry herself as a smut for dude to choose to rhyme about her. Can’t have mentioned her to get at X. No gain from doing that.

  3. RomeRebel

    No offense to you, but I had to put it randomly in my rap song that I slept with your child’s mother……..this is clearly someone who suffers from a mental disability

  4. El Dogga

    If he hit it….he paid……so???? Is that something to brag about?

    And you know he hit based on her choice of words…..she ain’t confirm or deny….THOT! lol

  5. fukumean

    I think he got his feelings hurt and like some men do fake the funk OR as a jamaican would say TELL LIE PON PUM PUM ….like if he did why would he come out and say shit like that!!? only reason why a man would for ratings/popularity or he HURT anyhow you look at it he a FUCKBO*

    x might get this guy bodied talking like that last person who dissed him on wax there was a drive by at the studio session but if he answered back on wax it just might be what hiphop was missing the GUTTER REAL RAP someone you can understand and that actually STOOD for something (got to stay away from the white shit though)

    #shefine #dmx100thbabymom #dmxcouldcareless

  6. TheCoder

    she lyin! You can tell by her response. This chick is lame! Any girl that gets on social media and says: ” I’m blowin on some good good ” is a stupid thot……..Damn X you must have been high as hell off some other s**t!!!!!

    • 86Jordan

      These young niggas put your name in a song and backtrack on some peace shit. But sadly this version of DMX the jailbird/drug abuser isn’t likely capable of standing up for his name.

      • Robzilla

        X was always a jailbird and drug abuser, so I don’t think that will change anything.

      • EDOGZ818

        “Niggaz whisper : “X is is a crack head!”
        Aight “BOOM!!” I’ma just crack heads!” …DMX – I Don’t Dance

    • Anthony Mason

      X is a dangerous person and very intelligent….

      People need to learn to respect veterans and stop acting like this. Chief Keef is a nobody..DMX is Eminem level talent with music and acting. So is Nas and some other cats people seem to have forgotten about…..

      • Joe Joiner

        Are you actually comparing Dmx to Em, smh you niggas giving the white boy too much credit

      • Anthony Mason

        They are both awesome. Nobody should be offended by that comparison…..They share the same fan base…..

  7. Anthony Mason

    Cheif Keef is dumber than a tool shed/ X will still get his whole bed bug infested little grimey a** crew wet/ he should drag this dirty nigga out the water like a pool check/ I didn’t know dissing legends was cool yet…

    Guess so….

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