Is The 2Pac Biopic “All Eyez On Me” Set To Start Filming In Georgia?

There has been so much back-and-forth about 2Pac’s life becoming a movie over the years, it seemed like it would never happen. Well, now there are reports a biopic called All Eyez On Me is about to start filming in Georgia next month.

A notice on the Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment website says Morgan Creek Productions is looking to hire crew for All Eyez on Me. 

Morgan Creek is the same production company that was connected to Program Pictures. Program’s CEO, L.T. Hutton, spoke with AllHipHop last year about a Tupac biopic in the works. You can read the full AHH interview with L.T. Hutton here.

John Singleton was supposedly set to direct a Pac movie starring actor Marcc Rose. But Rose said in September the film was on hold. He stated in an interview, “There were too many hands in the pot. Honestly, they were trying to push it in the direction of the Aaliyah biopic.”

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