Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Roasts Lira Galore After Break Up

Photo via Lira Galore’s Instagram

Rick Ross’ second baby mama Tia Kemp just may be the Queen of PETTY. She refuses to let up on Rick Ross and his ex-fiancee Lira Galore. As soon as the news hit that Rick Ross & Lira were no longer together, Kemp could not wait to post petty memes. Kemp called Lira a thot and a clown. She also alleged that Lira smashed the homies. Perhaps she was referring to Lira being roasted for trying to talk to Meek Mill, Wale and Rozay. Kemp hopes that Ross will spend more time with their son since he has moved on from Lira. We all get the petty itch, but are Tia Kemp’s antics a little bit immature?

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42 Responses to “Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Roasts Lira Galore After Break Up”

  1. Chyze

    Gotta scratch that jealous itch before you look too much like a jealous thirstbucket. Can’t resist the urge to attach your name to him….is that why bm #2 still has no successful relationship on the horizon? Sorry not sorry. Y’all both been discarded.

      • Chyze

        Never moaning and groaning doggie. Just funny how petty ppl act when they’re rocking the same boat. Nobody knows what led to either breakup but neither one of them seemed to be quality enough for the good officer…so really….what’s his bm point in being petty?

      • Chyze

        That can’t be a serious question….if me speaking on this makes me emotionally involved then you replying to my comment makes you emotionally involved in what I have to say….no?

      • Anthony Mason

        Your profile says “smart dude” and “Syracuse alum”…..

        You are out here assuming who is too into what….and drawing a bunch of misguided conclusions only a f***ing s*** bag loser could draw…..or a recent college grad….

        For the sake of hard working adults who are in a higher tax bracket, please stop being a pretentious little s*** kid. If you already have a fledgling career started,good for you….

        I’ll gladly mop the floor with your tears and teach you how to know your small little role if you would like that….

  2. jacksjus

    It would have been petty if it weren’t some what true. Rosay dodged a bullet.

    This entertainment circle is way too small. Far more women then men yet these guys seem to circulate and recycle the same thots. Smh!

  3. Black heart

    It’s sad to say but all woman ain’t shit idc what anyone says to me cause at the end of the day I know Ima always keep one to play with but as if marry and fall in love…. Nah.

      • Anthony Mason

        That sounds shady bruh….ijs…

        Not to sound like a square but married people aren’t supposed to cheat. It defeats the purpose….

      • Anthony Mason

        I get that but I can’t cheat….it is probably just me and how I operate….I would feel horrible….

        Unless my girlfriend was a horrible person…and was creeping around….but at that point…a couple should know to break it off….

      • RomeRebel

        I feel you, anyone with a moral compass wouldn’t be looking to or wanting to cheat it’s deplorable. However as I stated before…..life happens

      • Nemo hos

        I’m Muslim so as long as my family meaning my wife and kids are good then I have the right to do as I please. I understand if I leave them and not care but I’m with them everyday when I get off work and plus my wife gave me a hall pass for 10 yrs now I only have I think 2-3 yrs and it’s no more outside pu55y.

      • Anthony Mason

        Guess that is a cultural thing. I wouldnt even get away with cheating on my girlfriend. It’s like she has me tagged and tracked like an endangered species. Lol!

      • Nemo hos

        That’s the crap you fell into brother. You said girlfriend meaning there is no attachment since you are not married and you still chose not to explore? The only cheating I know is cheating death other than that we are all clear.

      • Anthony Mason

        A girlfriend is an attachment just like a wife is…. Getting married just means it is recognized by the state and you can get on eachothers healthcare benefits….

        It’s almost easier having a girl who cares if I cheat. It’s a sign that she respects herself enough to not be with a dude who doesn’t fully respect her trust….

        Cheating is not something any of my friends or family do so I guess it just doesnt register as acceptable to me….

      • Nemo hos

        Girlfriends are for no feelings hence the word girl friend..last time I had a girlfriend was when I was in my late teens. It’s all about communication and not opening up too much like a broad. My wife and I have an understanding and trust that we are staying strong for our kids. What other people do in their personal life you wouldn’t know because it’s their life. On another note how many wives and kids did they use to have back in the day?

      • Anthony Mason

        Are you basically saying that a lot of those white hoes from the gold rush era had a bunch of kids from different baby dads?…lol!

        Yes….people are all the same….we all have the same thoughts whether we display them or not….

        We all have a need to eat…sleep… s*** and be liked by people….and we all like people,creatures,or certain things like plants or cars….

        Everyone is the same no matter how you break it down…..

        Some people just have a better grasp on their surroundings….or reality. ..

      • Nemo hos

        I get your drift and you are right but that’s why I showed a lil difference but I come from Africa and raised the right way. Everything I do I always look at the pros and cons that’s why I just don’t stick any female that’s not up to par or better in something than my wife. I don’t and never will do any white sluts I’m a true African not a sellout busta.

      • Anthony Mason

        I feel you….. I don’t even care about race though. There are cool women in every race….

      • Nemo hos

        Ok MLK…I’m more of a Malcolm X not the Malcolm X who used to play with white sluts. You are right they are cool women in every race but only one race of women gets my stick. Just do me a favor brother and don’t fall in love with no dirty ass chick.

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah don’t fall in love with dirty scuzzy hoes…agreed

        My girl is cool. She is not white unless you call Latinas white….They are kind of everything…..

    • Syn

      Yall are pathetic just bc one trick ass broad broke ya heart don’t mean ALL women ain’t shit, then get mad when a woman says the same thing about men. And homie that’s married but cheating on his wife, shouldn’t have got married at all. EVERYONE on earth should/will experience an “in love”, intimacy with the RIGHT one. Now Officer Ricky is a sucka for the broad bc she done or tried to smash the homies, bitch wouldn’t get NO engagement from me. Just late night calls when I’m feelin xrated, ya dig.

      • Anthony Mason

        There is someone out there for everyone….It takes a patience and a deep understanding of who you are as a person and what will please you in the long run….

        Too many people get with the people they think their family will like and not the person that will make them super happy and can also get along with their friends….

        I think people are starting to get it though…..The older generations are dropping like flies so the world will be changing really soon….

      • Syn

        I concur, I just don’t like when a person says that women or men ain’t shit. Generalizing everyone but themselves bc it is actually people that are worth being in a monogamous relationship. Our society is so sex crazed and mygonistic that weak minded individuals start falling for that bs and women start accepting a “side chick” role or become thots for attention.

      • Anthony Mason

        Many women are becoming like that because of social media. Many women naturally crave attention and think guys will like them if they flaunt themselves because they know guys are visually fixated and generally not as much interested in their personality….

        I like cute looking…. smart chicks who just chill and can be nice to my family and friends….I don’t like flashy hoes who argue with other women or are jealous of other people….

      • Syn

        Hell yeah me too, I’ll take a real woman over a bad bitch anyday. Like come on, you gotta have more than just looks goin. And if one just goin for looks, don’t be like officer Rickey and bag the bitch. “My bitch bad lookin like a bag of money” lol

      • Anthony Mason

        I was thinking that exact quote. You beat me to it…..

        No woman wants to be objectified that way deep down at the core of their being. They like money but they don’t like feeling like worthless objects….

  4. Dark Matters

    For all we know Ricky could be pulling a publicity stunt to set up his #BlackMarket album. And all of these bums are falling for it.

  5. ebonyhud

    I guess she was right about her being seasonal, however he’s just playing them all. Why [ost all these memes…for what?

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