Black Students are Not Okay With Racial Tension at University of Missouri

If you happened to pay attention to Twitter this weekend, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen some of the protests going on at the University of Missouri. According to the Washington Poststudents have been protesting on campus in order to see Mizzou’s president, Tim Wolfe, step down. Quads were swarmed with protests after Wolfe declined to responded to the racial tension brewing between students. One of the situations, according to the report, included a swastika being hand drawn, in human feces, on the side of one of the university’s college dorms.

When all of the Black players for Mizzou’s football team refuse to play (and the coaching staff is cool with it), you know there’s a problem.

Like several #BlackLivesMatter protests around the country, there were those individuals who ignorantly responded to the students’ efforts.

President Wolfe tried to respond to the protests, but………….things didn’t go so well.

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