Dwayne Harris Compares His Receiving Game To T.I., Says Cole Beasley Can Spit, & Jokes About Dez Bryant’s Rapping

Photo Credit: YouTube

Several iconic sports memories have been enhanced by music’s enchanting presence. Songs become enshrined into anthems  and trump time. Recently, AllHipHop sat down with the special teams phenom, Dwayne Harris. Within this exclusive exchange, the gridiron Giant started off by explaining which of his past and present teammates are gifted in rhyme.

The established wide receiver immediately named this fellow Big Blue squad member and said, “I think after he gets done with football he’ll become a rapper.” When reminiscing about his former Cowboys squad, a matter-of-fact reply was quickly interrupted by a sincere chuckle. Harris mentioned this particular player and said, “[He] thought he had bars but he doesn’t; he’s a funny guy,” he joked. Dwayne later mentioned that this player on America’s Team is “probably going to be another Eminem.”

As the dialogue became more introspective, Dwayne would assert that his receiving prowess is akin to T.I.’s flow and delivery. The intellectual, yet laid-back lyrical fineness of the king’s  creativity is Harris; they are both poetry in motion.

Press play and find out which football players could make it in Hip-Hop.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MrXW0LhkEY&w=560&h=315]

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