Another Woman Claims She Is Pregnant By Fetty Wap

Photo via Fetty’s Instagram

Fetty Wap and his 1,738 girlfriends and baby mamas are getting out of hand. Everyday another woman emerges saying she is Fetty’s main chick, side chick, baby mama or “day 1.” Now a woman has resurfaced saying she is Fetty’s day 1 and that she actually has “the ring.” Fetty has been engaged in online and offline altercations with his baby mama as well. As you know Fetty Wap is supposedly in a relationship with Alexis Sky who he just brought a brand new BMW for. If Yaya (@brainz_b4_beauty) posting the video suggesting she was his day 1 chick wasn’t bad enough, yet another woman is claiming that she has a child on the way by the rapper. Oh and the young lady says,

“I was fan girling about him and that’s why I let him go in raw.”

Fetty has the women going crazy for some strange reason.

Fetty wap baby mama

Fetty wap baby mama

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