Another Woman Claims She Is Pregnant By Fetty Wap

Photo via Fetty’s Instagram

Fetty Wap and his 1,738 girlfriends and baby mamas are getting out of hand. Everyday another woman emerges saying she is Fetty’s main chick, side chick, baby mama or “day 1.” Now a woman has resurfaced saying she is Fetty’s day 1 and that she actually has “the ring.” Fetty has been engaged in online and offline altercations with his baby mama as well. As you know Fetty Wap is supposedly in a relationship with Alexis Sky who he just brought a brand new BMW for. If Yaya (@brainz_b4_beauty) posting the video suggesting she was his day 1 chick wasn’t bad enough, yet another woman is claiming that she has a child on the way by the rapper. Oh and the young lady says,

“I was fan girling about him and that’s why I let him go in raw.”

Fetty has the women going crazy for some strange reason.

Fetty wap baby mama

Fetty wap baby mama

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26 Responses to “Another Woman Claims She Is Pregnant By Fetty Wap”

  1. Anthony Mason

    You let a guy with one eye and fake dreads go raw in you and you just now considered the consequences….or….he could have given you an STD. These rappers bang randoms and don’t even get tested….

    If you are popular,wear expensive clothes and lots of gold, you can basically get any gold digging whore to sleep with you….

  2. One Nite Stanley

    It’s sad. These babies are gonna grow up bad. He has no staying power as an artist. He’ll be in LHH NY in year or two when those checks stop rolling in. He won’t even be remembered 5 years from now. Very sad commentary my friends…smh

  3. Markus

    Females kill me. I’ve seen plenty of dudes who look like Rick Ross or dudes with a finger or two missing or in Fetty Wap’s case a missing eye. Dudes who are cross eyed or disabled in some other unfortunate way. Those dudes are alone. And not that a two eyed Fetty would be considered Dark Gable,but he has more females than he can handle because these hookers smell money. Ladies and women have become an endangered species.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      foh , you know nothin’ bout women – da “ladys” in yo race help you molest dey children – dats PROVEN by No outrage from dem fo yo 50 years of showin’ yoself molestin’ a million of der babys a day

      • Tay

        Nigga stfu. Everytime he comment you posting behind him on some racial shit. Walk your ass to a library and read a book You non spelling aint never got something positive or constructive to say ignorant ass illiterate ass nigga. Damn.

  4. John jonesbone

    Damn the wap got balls going raw dog on hoes. Bitch got all kinda diseases and shit that they themselves dont know about.

  5. L.J.1984

    Most of them chick’s are Paterson NJ hood trash. To most regular niggas this is something to brag about but when you leave your surroundings and meet real women, you won’t even look twice at these broke down hood boogers.

  6. Fox

    theres something called abortions and pills she wanted to get pregnant. what a tramp and him to hitting all these slags his rap career will be taken over by child support

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