EXCLUSIVE! Rhymefest: Spike Lee Preys Upon the Poor, He Owes Chicago An Apology, & His ‘Hood Pass Has Been Revoked

To esteem, to empower, and to evolve are all things to which man aspires. What happens when a respected community member is accused of maliciously exploiting his race? Che “Rhymefest” Smith, a native Chicagoan, candidly comments his thoughts on Spike Lee’s film, upcoming film Chi-Raq. To prey upon a city’s pain while its communities are enshrined in plagues of violence, Rhymefest believes that the veteran director is guided by greed, and that insatiable hunger is allowing him to satirize sadness.

The acclaimed artist and social and educational advocate voices his concerns about the film’s purpose, the need for an apology, the perceived creative plateau of Lee, and the desire to revoke Spike Lee’s ‘Hood Pass.’ Press play and  witness the unfiltered and scathing assertions that Rhymefest extends to Lee.

When does it stop being funny and about finances and starts becoming about Chicago’s future?

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