Master P Says Romeo Miller Could’ve Been In The NBA

Master P’s son Romeo Miller is a triple threat. Not only did he have a successful run as tween rapper, but he also acts and is pretty nice on the basketball court. After playing basketball at USC, he left school and focused on furthering his career on the big screen. But his dad says that if it wasn’t for him being a celebrity, he would be in the NBA.

“If he wasn’t Romeo he’d probably be in the NBA right now,” he told TMZ.

P also spoke on Snoop Dogg’s son’s, Cordell Broadus, decision to leave the UCLA Bruins because he felt he was only playing to make his father happy.

“If you’re doing it for somebody else, then you shouldn’t do it,”he said. “When Romeo played he played for himself. I wanted him to be the best player he could be.”

Watch the full video below.

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