Producer Terrace Martin Discusses Why Kendrick Lamar May Not Perform ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ Tracks Again

Kendrick Lamar recently wrapped up his intimate eight-city tour, the “King Kunta Groove Sessions.” During the stop in Dallas, K. Dot told the crowd of 3,000 that “this might be the last time [he] performs To Pimp A Butterfly.” This has led to much speculation that fans won’t be able to see him perform hits like “Alright” or “King Kunta”  again anytime soon. Complex caught up with one of his frequent collaborators and one of TPAB‘s producers Terrace Martin and discussed the likeliness of the album ever being performed again.

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“We didn’t do that album for popular culture,” Martin said. “We did that album for people who have no way out. We did that album for people who can’t even afford to go to the shows. We did an album for people who need hope. You don’t prostitute that.”

Martin also spoke on rumors that Kendrick may be releasing another album soon. He said they haven’t hopped in the studio yet but they are “just studying, playing Sly Stone records, Miles Davis…”

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21 Responses to “Producer Terrace Martin Discusses Why Kendrick Lamar May Not Perform ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ Tracks Again”

    • Celz

      TPAB may not be as good of a HipHop album as Good Kid.. But it is one of the best albums in music ever. Kendrick killed it.. Incorporated the legacy of black music and touched on so many relevant issues.

  1. grabo2003

    tpab is a very important album, sonically and socially. i was listening to it yesterday and t has hits and havent stopped playing it. did very well and he is inspiring.

  2. Chyze

    Nothing too surprising here. He’s taking the road less traveled that Common and Lupe took. Hopefully this day and age is ready for it cuz dude might really have a message. He has a strong fan base and maybe he’ll be able to influence some positivity in the culture he came from.

  3. KashIsKlay

    Meaning he’s going to be on the attack the next album. TPAB is a great piece of art. You have to listen to it as a whole it’s a cohesive project.

  4. @ShlomiRapper

    First off, it was a “decent” album, not a classic. It was a solid work of art, not a masterpiece. Second, they’re coming off real narcissistic trying to conduct the reasoning behind this heavily sampled project. You jumped on a #BlackLivesMatter movement that was trending during this album’s creation and ran with it, simple and plain. With that said, this album was dope and had a few great cuts on it.

  5. Papi Peligro

    Yeah that album grows on you but I can see him having a hard time having shows like when he performed at that festival and everybody walked out. Attention span ain’t the same. My ear definitely isn’t the one to follow. I loved that album.

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