Ty Dolla Sign Questions Billboard’s “10 Greatest Rappers” List (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Billboard magazine sparked heated debate with its “10 Greatest Rappers Of All Time” list. Both fans and artists offered their thoughts about the selections and omissions. Ty Dolla Sign addressed the controversial list during an interview with Hot 97.

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“It didn’t have 2Pac on it. Okay, I don’t even know what list you’re talking about,” said Ty. “Who? What list?”

The Free TC album creator was not the only West Coast representative to take issue with Pac being snubbed. Snoop Dogg called out the publication for leaving the icon off the G.O.A.T. list.

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Watch Ty Dolla Sign’s interview below.

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19 Responses to “Ty Dolla Sign Questions Billboard’s “10 Greatest Rappers” List (VIDEO)”

  1. MrNoName2K

    man idk why that bullsh*t a*s list is getting so much attention.. anyone whos anybody knows that list means nothing to nobody and is complete poop straight out the a*shole

    • pauleyPee

      It’s important because while most in hip-hop culture don’t check for Billboard editorials, many outside our sphere do. So it’s quite significant that Pac would be left off, especially given the socio-political clout that he brought the culture.

      • drtybirds5

        The only thing he brought was anger and drama to our culture. What did he do to help or unite us? Why do people try to make Pac out to be a martyr or saint? He was a hater. A real live hater! Simple and plain.

      • drtybirds5

        Jealous? Ha-ha! No its called a opinion. Look it up 🙂 And while I may not have the money they did or do. My life is really alright. So no need for me to be jealous of no one.

  2. drtybirds5

    Haha@Pac!! That is what he gets for being the angriest person on the planet. And sometimes I think people mistake quantity over quality with Pac a lot. He was really really good. But he wasn’t great. And a lot of the publicity and hype around him came from all the drama and beef he would drum up. Not necessarily because of his superior skills or album sales. But he was just too angry. No one likes that guy! Humble and humility go a long way in life and death it would appear. The true greats know humility…

      • drtybirds5

        First off stop upvoting your own post. Lol! Jealous and envy of a dead man? Do you hear yourself? Ha-ha! All I know is BIG was on the list and your boy wasn’t. It wasn’t my list is the best I can tell you. But if many people agreed he didn’t deserve to be on the list then that should speak for itself.

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