Lil Wayne Is Getting Sued For Using Woman’s Likeness On T-Shirt

A woman is suing Lil Wayne and his clothing company Trukfit for illegally using her likeness on a widely distributed T-Shirt. According to TMZ, Shanise Taylor found a shirt made by the former Cash Money member’s company featuring a picture of her on the front with the Trukfit brand. Taylor, admitted to participating in a photoshoot in 2011, however, she was not informed that the photos would be used for Wayne’s company.

Taylor also states that the designers of the clothing line altered her originally photo to make it look like she was not wearing any underwear.  She also didn’t want to sell her image with the company, claiming that it was “apparel associated with violence and misogyny.”

Taylor is asking that the shirts are taken off the shelves and an unspecific amount in damages.

Check out the photos below, courtesy of TMZ:

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