Comedian Gary Owen Apologizes To Game For Stitches On Behalf Of White People (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Stitches has been having a rough week. The rapper got knocked out on camera by Game’s manager, arrested on drug related charges, and reportedly jumped by his own crew. Now comedian Gary Owen is making fun of the Game/Stitches situation on Instagram.

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The star of Think Like A Man and Ride Along posted a video to his IG page where he apologizes to Game for Stitches “on behalf of white people.” Owen joked that Stitches does not represent his race. He also complimented the Los Angeles emcee for his face tattoo and his appearance in the 2006 movie Waist Deep.

Owen wrote in the video’s caption:

Hey [Game] on behalf of white [people] I apologize for Stitches. He knows not what he does. Oh yeah I loved you in Waist Deep.

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