FRESH HEAT – Meek Mill And Chris Brown Co-Sign New Philly Craze “Pop A Perc” By Boone

With the firing of Chip Kelly in Philly yesterday, all eyes are on the city of Philly, so its perfect timing that we line you guys up with one of the hottest songs in the “City of Brotherly Love.”  This isn’t just something people are claiming is hot, this is an actual movement going on. In this case we are taking note of the “Pop A Perc” track by Philly rapper Boone, that seems to be “the hottest song in the city,” according to the influential Philly Hip-Hop Awards founder Jimmy Da Saint.

While you may be shaking your head, its worth noting that in typical 2015 fashion it started on “IG.” Starting from Instagram posts and comments from Chris Brown and Meek Mill respectively, both have taken note of the song bringing it nationwide attention. At one point Boone had a regional hit, but it’s expanding beyond the Tri-State region and it worth a few good spins, especially if Nicki puts it on IG and then deletes it.

Check out the IG posts from Meek and Chris and Chris turning up to the song below.

Meek Mill Comments On New "Pop A Perc" SongChris Brown IG

Pop a perk and Let it flow through my body! #ROYALTY Philly to LA

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7 Responses to “FRESH HEAT – Meek Mill And Chris Brown Co-Sign New Philly Craze “Pop A Perc” By Boone”

  1. Markus

    I swear people get behind the most ignorant shit these days. No wonder dumbasses like that W.E.B. DuBois moron feel good dropping trash in this comment section. He’s not the only one that’s brain dead.

    • RapItUp

      Lmaoo loving the flurry of jabs towards that brain surgeon. You haven’t mentioned any endangered babies or weezils, might not capture his attention. Haha

  2. coldPissa

    Pop a perc lol, these Idiots won’t stop until they turn all the youth into Junkies with this garbage, Brothas and sistahs sellin they soul for a season

  3. Patricia Williams

    Reporter NEVER “gave his opinion of this song & whether it promotes DRUG USE/ABUSE” like everyone stated below.

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