Did Naughty By Nature's Treach Take Shots At Kanye West?

Photo via Treach’s Instagram

It may be safe to say that Naughty By Nature’s Treach is not a Kanye West fan. Treach has been posting plenty of material on Tupac suggesting that he is one of the greatest. Treach also took to Twitter to take a poll asking his followers who was their favorite between Kanye and Pac. Allegedly Treach is upset that he heard that Kanye allegedly said Tupac is overrated. The problem is, the rumor allegedly started from one of the millions of gossip sites that post fake stories. Treach even retweeted an article someone wrote about how disappointing Kanye’s “Facts” was, and he retweeted fans saying Pac is better. Based on how close Treach & Pac were, we understand why he rides so hard for Pac.

He also posted this meme on his Twitter page.


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