Is A Drake & Bryson Tiller Collaboration On The Way?

Photo via Drake & Bryson’s Instagram

Bryson Tiller had an amazing year in 2015. He emerged as a fan favorite, had one of the top R&B albums on the charts, and his single “Don’t” was well received. Tiller also expressed that his musical success last year changed his life dramatically in regards to financial stability. Everyone seems to be eager to collaborate with the crooner. A Drake & Bryson collaboration just may be on the way. Drake cosigned Tiller a little while back also.

“Tell Drake to throw me on the remix. We both know that’ll never happen,”

Tiller sung on his “How About Now” freestyle.

The remix may not happen but a collaboration may. Bryson posted a photo to his Instagram of him and Drake together. A$AP Rocky already said Tiller has all of the b***es. If he collaborates with Drake he may have even more.

We definitely believe the collaboration is near. Would you like to see these two on a track together?


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