Master P Says His Business Advice Can Help Mayweather & Other Artists, Claims Drugs Are Hurting Rap

(AllHipHop News) Yesterday (Jan. 6), Percy “Master P” Miller, visited New York City and sat down with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. During the in-depth interview the music mogul spoke on an array of topics. People such as Pimp C, Bill Cosby, and Jarren Benton popped up during the informative exchange.

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The independent icon also explained his thoughts on the importance of cultivating a positive perspective and sound business acumen. “If we are going to be successful, we have to educate ourselves in business and cut off negative people from our lives,” he said. As the conversation continued the New Orleans native added, “Floyd Mayweather could 
be making a whole lot more money if he had products that he was marketing 
and promoting.” More empowering advice was offered when Mr. Miller stressed that securing trusted advice is instrumental to building financial wealth.

While acknowledging that many entertainers are surrounded by “Yes-people” are have easy access to drugs, Master P, expressed his thoughts on some artists’ lack of passion and dismal work-ethics. “Nobody really wanna work no more…Everybody getting high now,” said the self-made entrepreneur. “The syrup is killing the whole—this generation. Sometimes you don’t have to work for the money. If you do what you gotta do and you good at it, the money gon’ come. You gotta love what you’re doing.”

With the focus directed to contemporary rappers P then opened up about his thoughts on the heightened drug with Hip-Hop. “Drugs and syrup are killing this generation of Hip Hop.”

The interview in its entirety:


From better business moves to breaking out the boxing gloves; do you agree with Master P?

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