Proper Protocol: Yo Gotti Shares His Rules To Exchanging Direct Messages

Photo Credit: YouTube

As the self-professed King of Memphis, Yo Gotti has recently been enjoying the success of his hit song, “Down In The DM.” While discussing social media etiquette with Genius, the Memphis musician offered his keys to the game. These once unwritten rules consist of no screenshots, doing research, being consistent, not buying followers, and staying true to self.

When breaking down the first cardinal rule of social media decorum, he insisted that saving a screenshot of an exchange is tantamount to “snitching.” “In the streets [if] you tell on somebody [then that’s] snitching. So, if you screenshotting, you telling. You telling the world what’s going on behind closed doors. Them rules! You ain’t supposed to do that,” he said.

Check out the video to get the details on these essential rules from the CMG boss.


Do you agree with Yo Gotti?

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