C-Murder Calls Out 2 Chainz With "2 Stainz" Diss Record, Says He Started "TRU"

In an unexpected turn of events, a snippet of a diss track has emerged from incarcerated New Orleans rapper C Murder dissing G.O.O.D. Music/ Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz. C Murder, Master P’s brother, comes out the gate calling 2 Chainz a “ho” and assailing that he (C Murder) started the “Tru” movement originally.

Included with the diss record, C Murder has marked up artwork from previous 2 Chainz albums. The art now features red ink crossing out the words “Tru,” writing above the crossed out title “Not.” (see below)

The snippet is an AllHipHop Exclusive that C Murder has provided. Check out some of the lyrics below as well.

“I made this Tru sh*t 2 Chainz, f*ck you n*gga, pu*ssy ass n*gga, ya d*ck in the booty ass n*gga, you’d be a ho if you was in the pin”

“I’m the realest n*gga that ever wore a Tru chain / This goes out to that b*tch n*gga 2 Chainz / You could never be me ’cause ya too lame / I pop ya in the chest and make 2 stainz”

2 Chainz could not be reached for comment at the time this article was published.

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44 Responses to “C-Murder Calls Out 2 Chainz With "2 Stainz" Diss Record, Says He Started "TRU"”

    • westcoastloc706213

      He got a court date coming up in 2 months….he can get out this year…The kid family said they don’t believe he did it and there was no evidence…

      • Phillip Fuller

        It was that way from the beginning . No evidence and he said he didn’t do it but . The DA wants HIM LOCKED UP

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        bullshit – his previous vids enuff circumstancial to go with everything else – he aint neva getting out

  1. bigdoe6

    I have to be honest, I even thought it was lame for 2chainz to even name his label that. A lot of dudes put in work and caught war wounds to wear a TRU chain back int he days. I can see why C-Murder feel like it’s disrespect. I guess we’ll wait to see what 2chainz got to say.

  2. David J Gutierrez

    So you trying to beat a murder rap…. while still waiting raps about murdering…. maybe not the smartest thing to do.

  3. yourfavoriteRo

    I used to like C Murder.

    If he is gonna get exposure from prison, he should use it in a. Positive way. Tru
    Besides Tity is better anyway

      • Floydtv

        im saying thats where the inspiration came from. guess you havent seen my other post.

      • No_Man's_Fan

        Understandable, but Chainz should’ve asked C-Miller and P if he could use TRU for his brand. He’s (Chainz) making money wit his TRU University hoods and what not. I’m sure C owns the name still

  4. W.E.B. Du Bois

    c-murda can say what he wants (not directly) – cuz he got nothing to hide from parole board because he got no parole date – LOL !

  5. Forever Tru

    Man master p doing a bunch of media i would like to see them ask him about this letting 2stainz ride with something he created an stole from his brother

  6. Dan_Tebasco

    Singing songs about murdering people is a sure bet to get you a re-trial on a murder charge you say you didn’t do (y)

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