Did Tyga Cheat With This Brazilian Model?

Photo via Tyga’s Instagram

There have been several rumors suggesting that Tyga has cheated on Kylie Jenner throughout their relationship. Another comes on the heels of a 14-year-old girl claiming Tyga’s messages to her made her uncomfortable. Now a 23-year-old Brazilian model by the name of Annalu Cardoso is claiming the rapper slept with her while Kylie was out of the country. Allegedly Tyga was very careful and waited until Kylie left the country to connect with Cardoso. A source claims he would text her with casual conversation then switch gears, asking her to send pics and to meet up. Rumor has is the two did hook up on a few occasions, but they mostly got together to hang out. Tyga definitely knows Cardoso as she appeared in his MTV2 Show, “Kingin’ With Tyga.’ Apparently the alleged affair has since ended. Supposedly, Tyga feared the affair had gone “public.”

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