Maryland Cop Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Holding Gun To Man's Head (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube / NBC4 Washinton

“Video this; he put a gun to my head,” William Cunningham is heard yelling. The interaction which was captured by a cell phone’s camera. It shows officer Jenchesky Santiago, a former Maryland Prince George County Police officer admitting, “You’re right,” before he is seen shoving Mr. Cunningham and chiding him to “get back in the car now.”

That harrowing incident transpired back in May of 2014. The victim, who was being dropped off at his home in Bowie, MD, was accused of parking a parking violation. Prosecutors have since deemed those accusation were unfounded. The overzealous Santiago has been convicted of two counts of misconduct in office, first and second degree assault, and the use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence, this reported by Fox 32 Chicago.

During the life-threatening incident the loaded weapon was seen pointed at the victim’s head and mouth. Fortunately, the victim escaped any physical injury. On Friday (Jan. 8) the disgraced Santiago was sentenced to five years in prison.


Will this conviction stick?