Bobo Norco Discusses Tyga's 14-Year-Old Accuser Molly O'Malia Lying To Him About Her Age (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Rumors began circulating yesterday (January 12) that California rapper Bobo Norco was once in contact with Molly O’Malia – the 14-year-old singer that accused Tyga of making her uncomfortable by sending messages and asking to FaceTime. Tyga claimed he only contacted O’Malia to discuss working together on music, and Norco says he had a similar experience with the young girl.

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According to Norco, O’Malia reached out to him about possibly collaborating. But in alleged Instagram messages between the two, O’Malia told him she was 18. has footage of Norco speaking with friends about O’Malia contacting him.

“Tell me why that same female that was hitting up Tyga has been hitting me up for the past year, lying about her age, saying that she’s 18 years old,” says Norco in the clip.

The alleged IG correspondence included O’Malia asking for help with her career. But Norco eventually responded to O’Malia by stating he did not believe she was really 18.


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Watch Bobo Norco talking about Molly O’Malia in the video below.


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