Meek Mill Clowns 50 Cent Over Bankruptcy

At least we can say Meek Mill isn’t a quitter. Time and time again, the MMG rapper continues to make an attempt to clown rappers, even when he played victim to the massive shade thrown at him by Drake during the summer last year. Now, Meek is now aiming his sights on 50 Cent on his new surprise project, 4/4. In one of his songs off of the four-track EP, the MMG rapper clowns 50 over his recent bankruptcy, and also claimed he was co-signing “rats.”

The “co-signing rats” line from Meek’s new song refers to 50’s recent photo with the unknown assailant who allegedly went to the police to get Rick Ross locked up for kidnapping and battery charges during the summer. Rick Ross made an attempt to countersue 50 Cent after the Queens rapper took a picture with the victim, allegedly sending a subliminal message to extort Ross. 50 Cent threw shade at Meek during a performance in November, poking fun at the Philly rapper for getting destroyed by Drake’s hit diss-track “Back to Back”

The two rappers have been beefing for a while now, and it looks like their signed rappers are getting into to it now.

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